Water The Way Nature Intended

Simple, Pure, From The Source

Our Setup

We have a state of the art facility right in the heart of Alberta.





Clear Water is Environmentally Conscious


These bottles are sourced from ENSO RESTORE. ENSO uses an additive technology that enhances the bottle's biodegradation.

Environment Awareness

We understand the valid concern about plastic waste that currently fills our landfills and creates real threat to our environment.


And we package our product from the purest of the spring water and ensure no process is a harm to environment.

About Our Company

Pure, Like The Snow That Gave It Life

These alpine glaciers were formed as a result of snow falling down from the mountains. When snow accumulates, it turns to ice. These massive glaciers melt in warmer months or in windy conditions. Glacier water is collected after the ice has melted naturally - not through artificial melting process. Through its many layers, glacier ice can be be up to 10,000 years old or more. Tiny air bubbles that were trapped in the ice for centuries have captured the pure taste of years gone by.

Some countries, such as Iceland and Peru, rely on glacial meltwater for drinking and food production. Is it any wonder that the life expectancy in Iceland is higher than anywhere else in the world?

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Clear Water is always committed to maintaining a high standard of quality for each and every customer. We provide high-quality, environmentally friendly products. Nature has provided this unique and stunning natural water source.

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